Wendla: Haley Bolithon

Melchior: Jeremiah Alsop

Mortiz: Sam Shankman

Ilse: Claire Latourette*

Anna: Molly Coleman

Martha: Cari Meixner

Thea: Tiffany T. Taylor

Hanschen: Chase Heinemann

Ernst: Adam Ross Brody

Otto: Bryce Ancil

Georg: Dustin Rothbart*

The Adult Men: Mike Weaver

The Adult Women: Lisa Savegnago

Swings: Jonah Cochin, Kristina Plumb



Director - Danny Kapinos*

Music Director - Tyler Miles

Choreographer - Britta Lynn Schlicht

Stage/Production Manager - Aaron Mann*

Lighting Design - Shelbi Arndt

Costume Curation - David Lundholm

Fight Choreography - Brian Plocharczyk

Intimacy Design - Zack Payne

* Denotes Blank Company Member


Music by Duncan Sheik

Book & Lyrics by Steve Sater

Directed by Danny Kapinos

Music Direction by Tyler Miles

Choreography by Britta Lynn Schlicht

SPRING AWAKENING is a contemporary rock musical based on the classic German play by Frank Wedekind, following the struggles of German teenagers in the 1890’s trying to find their voices in a socially conservative world. 

When and Where?


September 6th-30th


The Frontier

1106 W. Thorndale Ave.

 Chicago, IL 60660