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Bryce Ancil*

Nick Arceo

Ryan Armstrong

Anastasia Arnold

Anna Blanchard

Adam Ross Brody

Molly Coleman

Deric Gochenauer

Carisa Gonzalez

Chase Heinemann

Amanda Horvath-Adair

Justin Horvath-Adair

Michelle Jasso

Maddy Kelly

Claire Latourette

Aaron Mann*

Cari Meixner

Kristina Plumb

Maisie Rose

Dustin Rothbart*

Sam Shankman

Hannah Mary Simpson

Stephanie Stockstill

Amanda Vinson

Sophie Vitello

Mike Weaver

Jasmine Lacy Young

Artistic Team

James Fleming, Director

Danny Kapinos*, Music Director

Dustin Rothbart*, Producer


Danny Kapinos*

Aaron Kaplan

Justin Kono

Eric von Holst

*Denotes Blank Theatre Company Member

Mama Who Bore Me Reprise, Spring Awakening

Blank's Spring Awakening Cast (2018)

I Can Do Better Than That, The Last Five Years

Jasmine Lacy Young

Writing on the Wall, The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Maisie Rose & the company of The Next Page

The Song of Purple Summer, Spring Awakening

Blank's Spring Awakening Cast (2018)

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