Blank Founders

Claire Latourette

Aaron Mann

Dustin Rothbart

Jeff Award Winner Henry Mcginniss (Bat Boy at Griffin Theatre)

Jeff Award Nominee Max DeTogne (High Fidelity at Refuge Theatre Project)

Off Broadway's Tiffany Tatreau (Ride the Cyclone at MCC Theatre)

Molly Coleman (Bare at Refuge Theatre Project)

Tessa Dettman (Bonnie and Clyde at Kokandy Productions)

Ryan Dooley (Blood Brothers at Theo Ubique)

Kayla Kennedy (Mamma Mia at the Marriott Theatre)

Tommy Malouf (Great Expectations at Remy Bumppo/Silk Road Rising)

Natalie Rae (Standby at Towle Theatre)

Sara Reinecke (Mamma Mia at The Paramount Theatre)

Chris Selefski (Zanna, Don’t! at Cult Camp Productions)

Sam Shankman (Big River at Theatre at the Center)

Chicago newcomer Jennifer Coren 



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